Agonizingly long rebuilds are back

Nice, thanks for the heads up! Updating to 1.4.1 now.

But didn’t @ffxsam just quote MDG:

we need…community members who are willing to help diagnose and fix the problem

Notice what they did not say. He did not say they have, are, or will be working on the issue. Instead they said we need community members to help fix the problem…

There are multiple issues addressing more specific parts of this problem already (e.g. #7493). We don’t need another one.

Over at MDG I think it’s all hands on deck with Apollo right now (1.5). I’m not sure if they have anyone working on Meteor classic. Post 1.5 release, I wonder how much love Meteor classic will get…

Even so, let’s try to stay positive and hope that whomever is working on the 1.4 branch will eventually solve it once and for all. :slight_smile:

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I think they need community help on various different setups and that “don’t need another one” bit was about github ticket. I think it’s pretty official that MDG is working on build time problem and some people report improvements on 1.4.1 already so lets be positive :slight_smile:

Good news @aadams - MDG just clarified this in the 1.4.2 release PR (7668). Quoting the relevant bits:

To be clear, we are not expecting the community to do all (or even very much) of this work. Without a doubt, the core team will be working on these problems harder than anyone. If you’re up for a challenge, though, we’re here to support your efforts.

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There are two issues on

  1. You have to install manually meteor-tools in your project and outside your project
    ex. meteor update meteor-tools

  2. If you use -p (port) you must specify
    Ex. meteor run -p 5000

Otherwise it try to download package and install every time you launch your meteor