Agonizingly long rebuilds are back

Anyone else noticing this? I’m using Meteor I timed it: as soon as I saved my minor code update, it took 20 seconds until the server restarted, and 6.5 more seconds until the client reloaded. It’s pretty bad. And I’m not sure if it’s the amount of JS files that adds to the build time, or amount of Meteor and npm packages… or both.


wait…, you ever had less than that?


We do luckily! Big project but no issues with packages only structure.

We only see issues when switching between 1.3 to 1.4 which takes half an hour because it’s rebuilding all code behind the scenes. So it’s not possible to switch between 2 branches on different meteor versions.

The refresh in 1.4 seems to be slower but with a manual refresh it comes quite quick.

If you use many npm packages it can be good to check how much dependencies they have below them. Some seem to use extreme amounts of packages to get a simple job done. In that case we try to impelment ourselves or replace it with a simpler package.

I’m with Ben, I can’t remember the last time I had a quick rebuild with Meteor.

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A couple days ago I made a quick change to my app and hit save. I got up and walked all the way to our break room, filled up a cup of water, walked all the way back to my desk and the app still hadn’t reloaded by the time I got back. Although this happens every time I make a change the reload time was especially noticeable that particular time.

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I’m not done yet, but I’ve been working on a guide on how to profile+optimize Meteor reload speeds and some specific areas that I think have room for improvement. The “Bandaid Solutions” section might help you get some quick gains.

I’m on and my rebuild times are fine (although not as good as the 1.0 days). I have to admit, hearing horror stories like these is one reason I haven’t upgraded to 1.4 yet.

I’m curious, does any one know if MDG is committed to solving this issue? Aren’t they 100% tied up with Apollo these days, and post 1.5 it seems there’s no looking back right?

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I agree, it does seem as though the build times have just gotten slower, and slower with each release. I remember the old days when by the time my fingers had left the Ctrl + S keys the app was already practically reloading… Those were the days, eh?

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Good to know that the release meant to improve things seems to slow things down even more :smiley:
I just wish they would stop putting effort into stuff like the chromatic component explorer and investigate in the stuff that actually keeps us from using Meteor in real projects…

I think this issue is very serious. MDG should fix the reload times before than anything. In the non-meteor community the reload times are instantaneous!


Didn’t know I was this lucky, my rebuild times are only around ~15 seconds.

Still, this is the biggest pain in my every day life now, and seriously slowing everything down. I built a small side project without Meteor and got used to the 1-second rebuilds: coming back to Meteor felt like a slap in the face.

This should be a critical issue, meaning that everything else drops until this is resolved.


I’ve opened an issue on Meteor’s repository

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Can we please have everyone in the entire world add a thumbs up reaction on this ticket? kthxbye


Post created to achieve that goal We need everyone's help [slow build times].

We need to do everything we can put this first in the agenda!

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Most San Fran tech startups are big believers in healthy living; MDG has found a way to engineer it …


The issue was updated by Benjamin:

Meteor 1.4.2 will focus on rebuild performance.

There are multiple issues addressing more specific parts of this problem already (e.g. #7493). We don’t need another one. We do, however, need community members who are willing to help diagnose and fix the problem.

So that’s good news. And I get that Meteor is open source and MDG would like contributions from the community, but often times the people who are most heavily relying on Meteor are too busy to contribute. Think about all that’s involved in making a contribution, especially one as involved as optimizing the build process. Like any other onboarding process, code familiarization takes hours upon hours, and I imagine many of us don’t have that kind of time.

I’ll keep my hopes up, but I’ve heard mentions of that starting at version 1.1 :slight_smile:

That’s a very good news, I am very excited. This is by far the most important short term fix and MDG should stop all other work and all those smart people should get in a room, setup some big project as an example, and optimize the sh… out of those build times. This is long overdue. Surprisingly long.

I just updated to 1.4.1 and I must say, the reload times have dramatically improved. Around 5 seconds after a small change in 1 jsx file. This is a factor 5 faster as it was before easily.

We’re getting there! Woot!

@Ben: same for me after

meteor update --all-packages

1.4.1 seems to show already some improvement before 1.4.2 …
will try on a bigger project.