Alanning:roles and Meteor v3

When I upgrade to Meteor v3 beta6, alanning:roles is automatically downgraded to a very old version.
Do you experienced the same ?
alanning:roles is not ready to support Meteor v3 ?


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@storyteller was working on an update for the package so that it would work with Meteor 3.

Keep an eye out for that PR.

You can also use the code locally Writing Atmosphere Packages | Meteor Guide

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Yes, there is something strange happening there. So you have to force the version manually, or better just get the v4 branch into your local packages for now.
@grubba is that what you are preparing PR for?

I will look into doing a pre-release of v4 soon which I hope will fix these issues.

Thanks for your reply
I have forked v4 in my project but I have this error :

(base) dokithonon@thomass-macbook-pro rationalk % meteor update --release 3.0-beta.6
=> Errors while initializing project:         
While selecting package versions:
error: Conflict: Constraint blaze@2.7.1 is not satisfied by blaze
Constraints on package "blaze":
* blaze@3.0.0-alpha300.17 <- blaze-html-templates 3.0.0-alpha300.17
* blaze@3.0.0-alpha300.17 <- spacebars 2.0.0-alpha300.17 <- rationalk:bpm 0.0.0
* blaze@3.0.0-alpha300.17 <- templating-runtime 2.0.0-alpha300.17 <- templating
1.4.4-alpha300.13 <- aldeed:tabular 2.1.2 <- rationalk:core 0.0.0
* blaze@3.0.0-alpha300.17 <- templating-runtime 2.0.0-alpha300.17 <- templating
1.4.4-alpha300.13 <- blaze-html-templates 3.0.0-alpha300.17
* blaze@3.0.0-alpha300.17 <- accounts-base 3.0.0-beta300.6
* blaze@2.7.1 <- alanning:roles 4.0.0-alpha.1

I had to remove the change this line
api.use(['blaze@2.7.1'], 'client', { weak: true })
to :
api.use(['blaze'], 'client', { weak: true })

And then it works

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