Alanning roles isnt working anymore

Updating my pc to win 11 destroyed my meteor installation (meteor 1.8.1).
With installing the latest meteor 2.7.3 most of my App modules are working except roles.
If I remove the Line isInRole its working. The App itself is 5 years old. Something changed in the meantime ?

       {{#if currentUser}}
              {{#if isInRole 'admin'}}
                  {{> topNav}}
                  {{> overView}}
                 {{> adminLayout}}

This is how the role is stored:

  "_id" : "ts7ZAbXmujp7KcyLd",
  "createdAt" : ISODate("2022-10-07T23:22:14.972Z"),
  "services" : {
    "password" : {
      "bcrypt" : "$2b$10$CUiqixzLUYsMfMutaKMMMOo1gwiz3armZ2WTpcfKYqII0txJIipAu"
    "resume" : {
      "loginTokens" : [{
          "when" : ISODate("2022-10-07T23:22:14.976Z"),
          "hashedToken" : "Z4tqxws+3FWdK3flHKSBbrmijggp3iha2tbnp14jh1g="
  "username" : "test-user",
  "role" : ["admin"]


Your database looks like you’re using Alanning roles version 2. Have you tried to upgrade it to version 3?

Thank you for your reply.

I am using alanning:roles@1.6.2

This is the version when i start building the app 5 years ago.
Now its broken :c
I guess I have too much broken modules now in the app.