Aldeed tabular datatable


I have used aldeed tablular package in my Application, now datatable takes some time to load data, while loading it’s shows “No record found”. I want to display loading or some message how can i?

I have tried as per the below link but it’s not working


In the link you posted there is no information about loading state, example shows pre-filled table as starting point and how to initialize tabular there without reloading data.

In theory you have possibility to insert template as described in “Template Cells”
So what is stopping you from covering whole table with it semitransparent and rendering loading animation ?
Kinda hacky, but I dont see how else to get reactive content in DOM based on collection.isReady .

Maybe it would be faster to clone package and add such functionality + PR it.

I have to deal with this soon as well. My client is having a heart attack when the table comes up with “no data found” for a second or two.

@shock I don’t think those template cells are rendered until after the data is loaded… I could be wrong though!

I might submit a PR for this in the next couple of weeks. It depends on if other new requirements will force me to use a home grown table solution instead.

Can you also +1 this issue in the repo? It’ll help get more support for adding this feature.

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