Aldeed:tabular extension doesn't work

Hi, I am trying to use aldeed:tabular extension to enrich the grid display of aldeed:tabular, but still doen’t work.

I have copy all the js and cc file to project_root\client folder
and swf file to project_root\public\swf folder

and create dom code in my .js custom file on project_root\client folder like this :

$(document).ready( function () {
var table = $(’#mstCab’).DataTable();
new $.fn.dataTable.AutoFill( table );
new $.fn.dataTable.FixedHeader( table );
} );

But it still doesn’t work, don’t change anything, except make the ‘click tbody > tr’ even doesn’t work, it works before.

Please give me an advice.

Hi Bayuscc,

you are using the package a bit wrong! Look at the documentation of the package - aldeed did a great job with the documentation how to properly use the package.

Never copy code from a package into your application.

Add the package! :smiley:

@ahref, I think he didn’t copy the code of the package itself (aldeed:tabular), what he meant is he added an extension of DataTable which is were the package is based on.

@bayuscc, did you read the instrucstions on how to integrate data table extension?

are you sure you place all the necessary files on their approriate folder? i see that you used project_root\public\swf folder, it should be /public/swf/swf file, then js and css client/compatiblity/.js .css, use forward slash not backslash, we are talking about path/url not path\file to local filesystem.

Actually, I’ve managed to integrate the TableTools extension on my project but all the custom orion.attribute in orion is not being exported which then I filed an issue #253 on their github repo.