Aldeed:tabular help


Hi all,

I’m trying out the aldeed:tabular package but there’s no data coming into the tables. Any ideas?

Here’s my logins.html file:

{{> loginButtons}}
{{> loginstemplate}}

<template name="loginstemplate">
<h1>External users logged in: {{countusers}}; Active: {{countactiveusers}}</h1>

{{> tabular table=TabularTables.Books class="table table-striped table-bordered table-condensed"}}

Here’s my logins.js file:

import { Template } from 'meteor/templating';

	Logins = new Mongo.Collection('logins');

			'ready': function () {
				return Template.instance().subscriptionsReady();
			'getlogin': function(){
				return Logins.find({});
			'countusers': function(){
				return Logins.find({"RegisteredAt":{$ne:'N/A'}}).count();
			'countactiveusers': function(){
				return Logins.find().count();
			'registeredatcheck': function(){
				return this.RegisteredAt instanceof Date;

		Template.registerHelper('formatDate', function(date) {
			if (this.RegisteredAt instanceof Date){
	  			return moment.utc(date).format('D MMM YYYY h:mm A');

		Meteor.publish('getlogins', function(){
			return Logins.find({});

	TabularTables = {};

	TabularTables.Books = new Tabular.Table({
	  name: "Books",
	  collection: 'getlogins',
	  columns: [
	    {data: "Username", title: "Username"},
	    {data: "Firm", title: "Firm"},
	    {data: "RegisteredAt", title: "RegisteredAt"},
	    {data: "Recordtype", title: "Record type"},
	      tmpl: Meteor.isClient && Template.loginstemplate


In Tabular.Table definition you should use collection object for collection parameter. So in your case it should look like this:

TabularTables.Books = new Tabular.Table({
	name: "Books",
	collection: Logins,

If you want to use a custom publication, you can add its name as a pub parameter.