Aldeed:tabular in Kadira - Is this a Red Herring?

We use tabular a lot in our projects and lately we’ve been looking at optimising as much as we can. Kadira (or Meteor APM should I say) shows some pretty large spikes in tabular_genericPub occasionally but when looking in the detail it would appear to be waiting on itself a lot. We have a couple of areas where we modify the selector passed on the client to tabular which makes it create a new subscription with pretty much each key press. I looked at the tabular code and this is done in an autorun so the old subscription should get removed. Checking via the facts package we see that the subscriptions number is correct so I’m guessing this is a red herring? Or is it possible to overload the subscriptions and create this type of situation ?

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Have you figured out some solutions to that?

To be honest I need to check if it’s still the case. As most of our subs have nice low numbers I must admit I rarely check this. And we’re using the monti agent now so I’m not sure if zodern has fixed this already or if it’s still happening.