Aldeed:Tabular next page issue


I’m using twbs bootstrap 3 and jquery 2.2.4. The next page buttons don’t seem to work, and on inspecting the button elements, I can see href=# -

Can you share your new Tabular.Table call/config? Also, are you using any custom publish functions?

Here’s my tabulartables.js file sitting under /lib/ -

And my html file:

    <link rel="icon" sizes="16x16 32x32" href="/favicon.ico?v=2">

<body style="background-color:#F2F2F2;">
    <div class="main">
        {{>Template.dynamic template=content}}

<template name="loginstemplate">
{{#if ready}}
<div class="header">
    <img src="/logo.png" alt="logo" />
<div>{{> tabular table=TabularTables.Logins selector=selector class="table table-bordered" width="100%"}} </div> 

I don’t see anything that really jumps out, other than the use of PaginationType: "bootstrap". PaginationType isn’t a supported DataTables option (as of 1.10), so maybe try stripping this out. Can you get tabular pagination working without bootstrap?