Aldeed:tabular vs aslagle:reactive-table

What are the main differences between these two packages:
aldeed:tabular & aslagle:reactive-table

When to use which.
The “examples” provided on atmospherejs for these two packages, tend to show that they are very “similar”?


I tried aldeed:tabular and ran into problems because it is cumbersome and not flexible, particularly when you have a parent-child data relationship.

I now use aslagle:reactive-table.


Hi tab00, Thank you for the quick reply…

Just to follow up: I’ve been using aldeed’s package for over six months now, and I agree that it can be cumbersome, and the learning curve is a bit steep, especially compared to the relative ease-of-use provided by datatables.

That being said, you can do just about anything with those tables once you figure it out. The only current limitation I run into is the ability to search joined/manipulated columns. The workaround is making sure the data that you want to be searchable is entered into the document, which leads to data duplication. For instance, I have a unix_timestamp field/value that I can send to a helper to make look pretty, but that helper output isn’t searchable, so instead I have a formatted_timestamp field that is actually in the doc (and searchable).

Not advocating for or against any one solution, but thought another perspective may help!


Hi vigorwebsolutions, Thank you for sharing your views on this…

I must say, I found aldeeds package really simple to implement, I’ve been using it in production for almost a year.

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Hi! I’m facing this decision too right now. What to choose - tabular or reactive-table…

They seem like they do mostly the same things. Which one is easier to get into, and handles common things like filtering, pagination/infinite scroll and subscriptions best? I would love some more input from people with experience :slight_smile:

I have used both in production. Aldeed:tabular cannot operate with data from arrays where aslagle:reactive-table can. I also found that aslagle:reactive-table was smaller, but offered less features. I write my own tables from scratch now but my experience with aslagle:reactive-table was better on the whole.

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I went with reactive-table. It was an easy setup and I got everything I needed. A lot neater than the non-componentized tables I had cobbled together hehe. By just adding a Template.reactiveTable.onCreated callback with some jQuery hacks I was able to give it infinite scroll too :slight_smile:

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Are you willing to share your infinite scroll code?

Sure, here it is. There are some performance problems though, as I realized the entire table gets rerendered when you add rows.

  var t = this, rows = new ReactiveVar(50); = rows; = Template.noData;

    var table = $('.reactive-table');
    var rowCount = $('tr').length;
    if(table && $(window).height() + $(window).scrollTop() + 50 > (table.offset() || {}).top + table.height()){
      if(rows.get() < rowCount + 10){
        rows.set(rows.get() + 50);
  var t = this;
  $('.reactive-table-container input').keyup(function(){;
  'click th.sortable': function(e){

There are approximately 500000 rows in one of the tables of our app.

Would aldeed:tabular or aslagle:reactive-table be better at handling a table this size?

You would probably want to have some sort of server-side pagination/filtering with so many rows. Rendering a 50,000 row paginated table would be quite expensive both in terms of DOM manipulation and bandwidth.

We also had difficulty using aldeed:tabular to render and search data with relationships, so decided to use aslagle:reactive-table instead.

I have used aslagle:reactive-table for a production app and it’s working fine. Although, learning curve was steep especially related to custom filters. Also, there were some issues that I just couldn’t fix ex. freezing the table header (<th>) for a vertically long table. If anyone has done, I am all ears :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply @brylie :slight_smile:

On a different thread, I read that aldeed:tabular does server-side pagination as well…

Has anyone any thoughts on either package’s server-side pagination?

I’m answering my own question here…

I have tested both aldeed:tabular and aslagle:reactive-table.

Our bigger table seems to prefer aldeed:tabular.

Has anyone any thoughts?