Aldeed:tabular with datatables

I am trying to use aldeed:tabular with Data tables.
Tha basic thing work fine but as soon as I add “Select” extension the whole thing start giving error.

What I suspect the error is due to ordering of JS . It loads Extension JS first and then DataTables foundation. This creates TypeError : api.rows() not defined error.

Has anyone faced the same error ?
If any one has used Datatables with meteor can give some pointers where to get right example.


Have you followed @aldeed’s suggested guidelines?

Yes I did. I put that in {meteorProject}Public/swf.
This is the error I am getiting.
One thing is that I did not much on “Com Property” initialization. Do I need to add all those properties while defining the Tabular json? TypeError: Cannot read property ‘select’ of undefined is
else if ( jQuery && ! ) {
// Otherwise simply initialise as normal, stopping multiple evaluation
factory( jQuery, jQuery.fn.dataTable );