Alethes Pages - limit to 2 paginated pages?

I have been working on a project that uses Alethes Pages. I currently have 2 different routes that open up paginated pages (first one is for Products, second one is for Logs).

For making each of them, they each have their own individual routes, templates, Meteor.Pagination call, and work on a separate collection. Most of the code was copied & pasted, with renamed variables of course for each page. They are both working properly.

If I try to do the same exact process I used for the 2nd one, and make a 3rd page that has Pagination (on a separate collection/route/template), it simply does not work. It gives me an infinite loading screen, and when inspecting, its the loading element from the Pages package itself.

I thought I may have made a mistake the first time, reverted to an earlier commit and tried the process again, and again I got an inifinite loading. Depending on which page I went to first in the app, a different page would have the infinite loading, but it seemed to have a strict 2 page limit?

In order to test this I went to an even earlier commit before I added the 2nd one, and re-added the 2nd paginated page again, just to make sure there was no errors in my process, and everything worked properly.

Is there a hard limit to 2 pages? Everything is seeming to point at this being the case.

Has anyone had experience with this? Is there any other way to work-around this limitation? Other areas of my app are in need of pagination so this issue is really causing me some problems if I can not find a resolution!


Noone else has ran in to, or can confirm, this issue?