Algorithms packages or general information


Does meteor have any interesting libraries for algorithms ? I’m working on app project that uses online data and graphs to construct a profile of the user. Kind of like what the internet browser does by keeping tracks of user’s browse history to get a picture of what they are like.

Are there suitable algorithms in the meteor platform i could consider for this type of profile generation. It’s basically sorting through frequency of data and compiling that to spit out an image of the user.


What sort of algorithms? Do you mean usage stats for meteor app, like a history for the app?


a history for constructing the interactions of the user, im going to compile some data and have it sorted, i’m trying to create an avatar of the user’s activity. The algorithm would sort through the data and compile the accumulated readings of the user’s activity to construct an avatar of the user.


Maybe this could be helpful?

and this:

which is built in meteor apparently…