Allow partial login when user is unverified



I need the user to be able to login before his email is verified. Here is the story : when the user creates an account I’d like them to be able to continue their registration (filling additional forms) without having to immediately leave the app and verify their account. The user wouldn’t have access to other features for the time being.

I thought of initiating the user creation process only when all the forms are filled. The main problem with this idea is that the user would be forced to fill all the forms in one go and I’d like them to be able to leave and comeback whenever they want. Think of this registration like a process with multiple steps.

So, there we are. The user first creates their account with their login credentials. Ideally at this point I’d like to redirect them to more forms and progressively add information to the user document. But they can’t safely interact with their account without being logged in.

Is there any way this is possible with the most recent meteor accounts packages?


I would look to the roles package if you want to restrict certain functionality. You could create a basic role that every user is assigned (or they might not have any role initially) and gets promoted to a full user role once all the forms are filled.
Another option is that you will check in the DB if the information is filled and if not then you prompt them to do so, but they could still have access to the account.
Don’t try to give them access when they are not logged in, you are only asking for security issues.