Alternative Atmosphere for testing?

Is there a way to use an alternative Atmosphere (a self-hosted one) that I can use for testing how publishing packages works? This would be great beause then I won’t publish a bunch of random crap to Atmosphere. I need this because I need to test code that depends on a publish-time-build result during app-time-build. I’ve published a package with a build plugin, then I need to test the same build plugin on the project-side. The plugin does different things depending on whether it is running during publish of a package, or during build of an app.

As far as I know, there isn’t any difference between a published built package and a local built package, so maybe you can test this by using your build plugin in a different local package?

@sashko There’s actually slight differences between publish builds and local builds. Plus, in the case of rocket:module (WIP), I need to explicitly test a scenario where rocket:module executes a build plugin during publish build, then will execute extra steps during app build for those same files. The only way I can do this is by publishing rocket:module and some dummy test package like trusktr:scratchpaper so that they are both publish built, then updating my test app to pull the updated rocket:module and/or trusktr:scratchpaper so that the app build can do certain things. The release of Plugin.registerBatchHandler as described in that proposal will greatly help with this type of thing, but that’s not out yet.