Alternative for aldeed:tabular and autoform for svelte or react

Hi, I’m using blaze for couple of years and looking to change it with react or svelte. Thanks to the efforts of @zodern melte seems really good and I really want to try it in a real project but,

My project is heavly depending on aldeed:tabular and autoform. Those packages are solving lots of problems. Is there an alternative for them?

I have shifted from aldeed:tabular to tabulator , I use blaze, one can use others as well like canvas-datagrid (which is good as well)

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for autoform in react you can use

its very similar, supports many ui libraries out of the box and you can create custom forms as well.

It allows to create schema-based forms using simple-schema or JSONSchema

its very mature.

for tables there are tons of libraries for react, e.g. GitHub - tannerlinsley/react-table: ⚛️ Hooks for building fast and extendable tables and datagrids for React