Alternative to meteor free hosting for demoing packages


Hey Guys

So a lot of packages demos don’t seem to work anymore, and I’m curious about creating demos for some of my packages, are there any low cost / friction solutions you’re using for hosting package demos or other open source meteor projects?

I always thought the free hosting was a key to sharing the open source love with meteor, but alas that’s gone, so now what?

Would love to hear your thoughts,

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The horse buildpack always seems to work well for Heroku… their free tier is likely sufficient for demos,

Only thing to watch out for is that it takes a bit of time to deploy… the first few times I used it I thought it was getting stuck so killed it, patience is key!


Nice I’ll definitely check that out. Thanks @riebeekn


Heroku and Mlab work fantastically for free meteor hosting, its pretty easy to setup, and can be done without a credit card if you prefer. I’ve detailed how I did it in this article:


I followed this article to host on Heroku:

Unfortunately, I am getting errors when I try to redeploy.


Oddly, I changed the buildpack (nth time) for another go and it’s deploying now without an issue. Heroku does seem to take a really long time to build, but at least it is working.


I’ve had no problems with the horse buildpack at all, I forked it for my own purposes. It only seemed to take a while the first build, after that it was better.