Alternative to redux-forms in react-native?

Has anyone found a good alternative to redux forms? I feel like it is so heavy duty for 99% of what I need to do. I really like antd forms (for web). There are options, but I feel like react-native is lacking a really solid option for forms. react-native-elements wont have all the form inputs you need, neither will native-base. Antd-mobile has some but not all. It seems there is no way around cobbling third-party packages together.

Like right now I’m trying to give a initial value to a Field and instead of just passing in a prop initialValue to the field I have to read the docs for an hour and create some kind of HOC that mapsStateToProps thats wrapped by the redux-form HOC that is than passed to the and then this and like WTF I need a crud form…

Lawd Hah Murcy.


react-native-clean-form ★118 - Good looking form elements with redux-form integration. Stylable with styled-components.
react-native-fm-form ★10 - Generate list view form of React Native in few line of codes
react-native-form-flux ★2 - React Native Form management using Flux architecture
react-native-form ★100 - A simple react-native component to wrap your form fields!
react-native-forms ★50 - A declarative API for creating, validating, and serializing native-looking forms.
react-native-form-generator ★207 - Generate amazing React Native forms in a breeze
react-native-gifted-form ★699 - Form component for react-native
redux-form ★4829 - Redux form state management (Web and Native)
tcomb-form-native ★1657 - Generate React Native forms