Alternative to VLC Embed?

VLC’s embed is great.

It allows me without any effort to **stream anything.**Now, that’s not really cool, 'cause I could have used a server to transcode the video to anything that the

Except that VLC’s Embed can do it real-time, without a server to transcode, thus saving me precious ms’es when i comes to real-time streaming from web cameras and everything like that.

Everything about VLC is great, except that because it’s an NPAPI plugin, it’s already pretty much unsupported by Chrome, and soon the support will be removed completly (right now, one must activate it via flags, see my guide on how to do it.

Plugin / Flash / Extension / Whatever has to have:

  1. Work without active connection the internet.
  2. Work with Live Streams and Files: RTSP, mjpeg, rtp streams. also, MP4 preferably but not required.
  3. Work on Latest Chrome.

TL:DR What are some alternatives? I need to have mjpeg, rtsp, rtp, and probably several other encodings (that’s the name for it? protocols, maybe) in the future, an I am very reluctant to use a server as an intermediary.

Last time I tried to embed a “live-view” from an IP camera, there was a user limit on it so at max ~2 people could watch it at the same time without using a server to “buffer” the stream, do you sources support multi-user connections?


u mentioned it allows u to stream anything - u mean connect to any stream and view it?
You can try jwplayer, but I am not sure what all it supports, but is kinda used everywhere.

@kvaigzne - Two clients at most.
@shock - Have you used JWPlayer’s? seems it requires a License key so it won’t work without active connection to the internet + it can only live stream if you’re using the premium version, so it doesn’t help me much ):