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I love canny, and I want to set one up for every project I do. But I can’t swing $50+ per month over 10 projects. I’m debating building my own service that’s more like $25/month for 10 projects… but I’d much rather just find a similar substitute that exists.

What are other people using to collect user feedback? The main thing I like about canny is users can vote and comment to expand on what they need/like/want … (better than trying to track this by hand in a google sheet).


Facing the same issue with Canny. I think it is on the expensive side. So I built one. Surprisingly, it picked up with over 60 organizations signing up in a matter of days:

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Nice man. You should create one for hellonext that you can link to as an example. I’m curious to see what the customer facing experience looks like in the end. Good luck!

Sorry I didn’t mention it here:

Nice. You should link it somewhere on the landing page as an example!

Makes sense. In fact, it has already been linked in the footer. But it is too small. Iterating it now. :slight_smile:

Updated the landing page. Should showcase the ability of the product now.

Making hellonext free for open source projects. :slight_smile:

A ton of updates has happened in the past few weeks. Now has private boards to gather best customer feedback.

Let me know your thoughts

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Hey! Because of exact the same reasons we’ve launched Upvoty! Feel free to check it out at and try if for free if you like :raised_hands:

1 Like helps software companies keep track of customer feedback to make better product decisions (see demo). It’s totally free!

I’m using Fider and like it. Free of charge if you host it yourself. Only the basic features, but I don’t need more.

Hey, you maybe want to take a look at (made by me ;-). It allows you to:

  1. publish in-app product updates (and popups, just released as NEW feature!)
  2. share your product roadmap while collecting feature requests and feedback
  3. track bugs and product FAQs
  4. It integrates with your existing chat and Calendly widget
  5. Dark theme and free tier included :wink:

Let me know whenever you need any help to set it up!

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Hey :wave:

For the exact reason we’ve launched Acute. Acute helps you collect and manage feedback, but also analyze feedback data points so you have a better context of what your users really need.

Lastly, you can also prioritize and plan your feature requests with our Prioritization system and built-in roadmap.

This is how our In-app widget looks like.

You can try it for free →
Would love to hear any feedback you might have :slightly_smiling_face:

For my degree in Computer Engineering I developed a free and open source Canny-like tool to collect, manage and prioritize customer feedback. I called it Astuto, you can check it out here.

I want to notice that, in contrast to Canny, Astuto is self hosted, so you need a bit of expertise to run and configure it. On the other hand, however, you get a completely free and code-level customizable product.


I just launched a privacy-focused and customizable Canny alternative: Productroad.

We have a free trial so check it out!

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Here is why Acute is an excellent Canny alternative and a full feature comparison :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there!
I builded Voxes which can be used as an alternative to Canny. I prepared pricing with focus for indie makers and early stage startups. There is free plan! :slight_smile: Some features that you can find in Voxes:

  • More precise voting system with option to pick between nice to have, important and critical features
  • Public and private Product Roadmap with custom statuses
  • Posts and comments markdown
  • Internationalization
  • Subscription plan with whitelabel
  • Setting estimated date for posts

Do check out as a great alternative to Canny. (if I do say so myself)

We’ve got a demo board over at but we’ve covered off a lot of features Canny doesn’t have while also being at the very respectable price of zero.

Checkout . It supports:

  1. custom widget
  2. sso login
  3. roadmap
  4. vote on behalf
  5. custom css
  6. import/export from css
  7. custom topics
  8. multi language support
  9. multiple admins
  10. private comments
  11. employee/ private feedback board
  12. email notification

Ha, this quickly turned into a Quora experience, didn’t it :sweat_smile:

Well, there’s a TON of Canny copies with no real understanding of the problem. Save yourself some time and skip those. Canny is a great product, you won’t “find an alternative” to it if you’re in their target audience.

So here’s the truth: If you’re looking for an alternative, it’s not the right product for you. They’re expensive for a reason – lots of features for bigger teams.

You need something smaller, better fitting your use case. I built FeedBear specifically for early-stage startups and small companies. And you won’t find a better fit. Carefully crafted features, beautiful design, affordable pricing.