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I love canny, and I want to set one up for every project I do. But I can’t swing $50+ per month over 10 projects. I’m debating building my own service that’s more like $25/month for 10 projects… but I’d much rather just find a similar substitute that exists.

What are other people using to collect user feedback? The main thing I like about canny is users can vote and comment to expand on what they need/like/want … (better than trying to track this by hand in a google sheet).


Facing the same issue with Canny. I think it is on the expensive side. So I built one. Surprisingly, it picked up with over 60 organizations signing up in a matter of days:


Nice man. You should create one for hellonext that you can link to as an example. I’m curious to see what the customer facing experience looks like in the end. Good luck!


Sorry I didn’t mention it here:


Nice. You should link it somewhere on the landing page as an example!


Makes sense. In fact, it has already been linked in the footer. But it is too small. Iterating it now. :slight_smile:


Updated the landing page. Should showcase the ability of the product now.

Making hellonext free for open source projects. :slight_smile:


A ton of updates has happened in the past few weeks. Now has private boards to gather best customer feedback.

Let me know your thoughts