Alternatives to Kadira?

Wondering if there are any other packages / services like Kadira. Ideally I’d like something I can run myself.

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Even I am having similar question. Since Kadira has annouced its closer in next month, I am sceptical about investing money by subscribing Kadira for my project.

Here is the link of the closer announcement

If anyone having any insight then please throw some light here.

Arunoda announced that they will release a Docker image that allows you to deploy Kadira on your own servers. I just came here to ask the question if there are any updates on this :slight_smile:

Great news!! So this means that there is no big worry for Kadira users ?

Depending on how you define “big worry” :slight_smile: It’s clear that Kadira is deprecated now, so it’s maybe just a matter of time until it outdates and won’t be supporting newer Meteor versions. But for the time being, it will be possible to host it yourself and track your app through it. Hope this will last for a while. And it’s quite nice of Arunoda to offer this, for a smooth transition. Interestingly, there is no statement at all on the Kadira homepage so far. As far as I can tell, they are still offering signups.

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Any updates on this? I’m not so sure about sticking with Kadira anymore. The communication received from Kadira has been vague at best, and I cannot rely on it anymore. I believe an APM like this should be developed in the open for Meteor, and I’d be very much in support of them open-sourcing it rather than transferring ownership.


Not a Kadira 1:1 replacement, but still is a good Monitoring solution -

Is anyone aware of any community forks of Kadira or any efforts to do so? Our startup is Meteor-based and we are looking into the possibility of forking Kadira to do some things like decoupling AWS, ease deployment, etc. I know that people have their jobs and other obligations… That’s why we are asking if people are up for a casual merge request here and there. The core lib of Kadira is fine. Some of the goals for a fork would be, easier deployment, less dependencies, especially to infrastructure providers like AWS, mLab and similar, single free “plan” with all the features, a docker image + deployment docs, maybe a new UI. No SaaS, only self-hosted. I’d love to hear any other ideas and requests from all of you