Alternatives to RoboMongo for MongoDB 3.0

Since MongoLab updated to use MongoDB 3.0, RoboMongo is unable to connect. This is a known issue and is supposed to be fixed in RoboMongo 0.9x, but development appears to be abandoned:worried:

I love using RoboMongo for debugging locally, and would like to use it on my staging server which uses MongoLab. However it looks like I’ll have to find an alternative tool. Do you guys know any decent alternatives?

Maybe - they have a free community edition.

Check out MongoChef


I tried both - I couldn’t get MMS to connect to MongoLab, but MongoChef works great. Thanks :smile:

Wow, I didn’t even know about MongoChef. I like it better than RoboMongo already. Thanks!

If you use Mac,, I am using it for a while, since I started having issues with RoboMongo. And is quite good.

Thanks… Getting the hang of it… Robomongo user here :smile:

Give MongoBooster a try. Support MongoDB v2.2-3.2, provides update-in-place, SSH tunneling, Lodash & Moment.js integration, ES6 syntax support and true intellisense experience, Cross Platform (Window, Mac, Linux).

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While not the best mongo explorer, the new Compass tool is pretty useful for analyzing the data in mongodb.


DrMongo is nice

Another reason to use MongoChef is that it support SSH tunneling, allowing you to connect to a production MongoDB that’s bound only to localhost on a server. Very handy.


I can vouche for this aswell - moved from Robomongo to MongoChef a few months back, and can’t say I’m looking back :smile:

MongoBooster V2 is out. This major release includes fluent query builder, GUI for mongotop and mongostat, dark theme, user-defined snippets, restore last working state , auto-update and a few minor improvements. Even better now, MongoBooster, it is free for non-commercial use.

Robomongo is far from abandoned. He recently had a Kickstarter but didn’t reach his target. Even though he didn’t make it, the support he received convinced him to continue. There are now frequent updates but you can only get the most recent if you pay 12$/month, otherwise you must wait 20 days.

MongoDB has their own solution. It’s called Compase

How about using a client made with Meteor :slight_smile:Mongoclient

We tried it and it works great for us. And it’s open source (and active) so you can improve it if it missing anything.

@jitterbop Compass is cool, thanks for the tip! But it’s read-only.

I’m planning to add extension framework to Mongoclient soon, so adding new features will be really easy keep following mongoclient :slight_smile:

And thanks for your great opinions.

You can also check out QueryAssist for MongoDB (, professional GUI tool with smart code completion (IntelliSense), SQL query to MongoDB, advanced shell, themes and modern-looking GUI. Free version is available.