Always allow location (geocoder)

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I’ve added geocoder to my project and tracks the users location, which is used when a user create a post to tell where they are (New york, London etc.). But every time they revisit the site, it pops up with “Do you want this site to track your location?” or something like that and you have to accept it. Is there any way to only make this pop up the first time a user visit and afterways never again just like a cookie og session?

How does Facebook keep track of your location? You don’t allow it every time you make a post, it simply tracks it automatically.

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Fillah, the newbie

I only know this for Safari: the user needs to change that setting themselves. You can’t force it on the server side. Which makes sense btw, because it’s a privacy thing. Only users can decide about that.

Alright, thanks for the answer :slight_smile:
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