Am frustrated with meteor guides and ebooks, looking for a recommendation for a beginers guide


I’ve started with the official guide, but i even the directory structure is wrong.
I started with two book, but the technolgoies they use have been deprecated, nad i can’t get teven the simplest examples to work.

Is there a beginers guide that is on synch with mid 2016 state of meteor?


Have you looked at the Meteor Guide?


try LevelUpTuts


thanks. he’s using version 1.0 from feb/15
where the main.js sits under the root (i still dont understand what to do when having two main.js under client and server)

IS there any tutorial from 2016?
should I downgrade to meteor 1.0 ?



have a look at - has a really nice base app which is a decent enough starting point for heaps of stuff.


start with leveluptuts using meteor 1.2. Read as much meteor chef as you can.


yes downgrade to meteor 1.1 or 1.2 and follow leveluptuts for sure.


@noob2 - Mate i started out with no programming experience. Started Jan this year, and now using - Meteor, React front-end, Material UI for components, and state management with mobX. I also use awesome git backups and linters and everything to improve code style. It is very much doable.

The beauty of something like base is that the application structure is all done. Out of the box, it includes good practise in methods, rate limiting, using containers etc. The downside is its bootstrap based, and assumes stateless components, but this is easy to change.

The sheer ease of learning programming these days is ridiculous. I mean its seriously dope.