Amazing work with 1.6, thank you MDG!

I wanted to come out and say I’ve been a part of this community for a long while and I use Meteor for almost all my projects. With Meteor 1.6, we have yet another awesome leap in performance, bringing us up to LTS versions of Node and MongoDB along with a plethora of other fixes and improvements, including 64-bit support on Windows! Read up on it here it’s pretty great.

With that I want to sincerely thank MDG for being such talented, hard working people and bringing awesome software to the world! I’m thankful to be part of this community :smile:


Meteor, FOREVER!!!


Here also a very smooth upgrade. And builds a bit faster.


What does this mean for meteor​:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

“NEWS: Node.js 8 Moves into Long-Term Support and Node.js 9 Becomes the New Current Release Line” @nodejs

It means that Meteor is finally up to date with LTS versions and will be much easier to keep up to date with future LTS versions!

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I am so happy about this!

I don’t use babel on the server side because recompiling every time slows down my development cycle. However, I have missed nice es6 features like destructing. Glad I can do that now.

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Hi there, from my team too many thanks. The upgrade to 1.6 worked perfectly and the build time improved quite a bit :smile: Great job :+1:

Yeah, we second that, great work guys. We’ve upgraded one project very smoothly and are particularly liking the more aggressive GC. But the winner is the debugger! Loving it :grinning: