Amazon SNS Guide

Happy New Year to all!

I would like to setup AWS SNS in my Meteor App to send push notifications to my React Native App. Does anyone know of a guide / tutorial for setting up AWS SNS with Meteor?


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Not specifically, but there are a number of npm packages for SNS. I’d suggest finding one you like the look of and using that. Meteor and npm play nicely together :slight_smile:.

The Meteor + NPM part is the easy part :slight_smile: , I am having more issues with the token generation / management piece.

I will keep working on this and post my findings once I get things working.

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As in within AWS IAM?

  • Create new API-only IAM user (like SNS-User)
  • Add policies directly (unless you want to use a group)
  • Filter the policy list with “sns”
  • Add the appropriate policy(ies) - probably you want AmazonSNSFullAccess
  • Create the user
  • Copy the access key and secret access key

You may want other policies as well - it depends what you want to do.

Found this:

Notice the section on Set device token

That’s what I was looking for, storing the tokens I get back from GCM / APN so when I need to send a Push Notification I know what device(s) to contact.

Now to tie it together with Amazon SNS…