Android APP Disconnects too often on meteor method call


I have typical sells booking APP. Where on Check out screen you can search for product (type ahead component)
which invokes a meteor method and returns result based on typed query.

Similarly there is Customer Search type ahead component, typing a query in it, invokes a meteor method and returns
the customer name records.

On Desktop or on mobile on browser it works good.

But on mobile app - it disconnects very so often and meteor method results don’t show up
and app stops working.

Did anyone face similar issue?

I have written a helper in footer template which returns the Meteor.status().status
So every time it changes… helper kicks in and changes the style of footer to RED
line. Well on mobile android app I am getting red line every 5/10 mins on the check
out screen, and basically the app is useless at this time.

Help on this is greatly appreciated ! I searched all google…with no luck for this.
I am going production soon, and almost there except for this problem!

Are you saying that you don’t get the documented behaviour when the connection comes back?

Data Connection from Mobile is not lost. (able to browse google.) Exact same app - works just fine with (Chrome) Browser on the mobile.

What am I doing different/wrong on the Android app that I built using meteor.

Must be something that I am doing… searched google for similar error by anyone - with no luck.