Android App got approved on Google Play Store


Yesterday our client’s app got approved at Google Play Store. Here is the link -

The link to web app is

It’s a Multi-lingual app.


That’s cool, congratulations.
Mind telling us what are you using in the app?

Meteor + Blaze + Cordova?
Meteor + Reactive Native?

All the best



Thanks for your question. We have used Meteor 1.2 + Blaze + Apache Cordova :slight_smile:


Our iPhone app also got approved -


Congratulations! Out of interest, how do you manage the free and paid apps? in terms of methods and servers. thanks


Sorry, but so far - the apps that we have developed have only one version [Free] :frowning:


How long did your iPhone approval process take?


Doesn’t take much time nowadays. 1-2 Days. Had this approved a few weeks ago : ( Meteor + Blaze + Cordova )

But. We’re stuck on our next update and Apple wants us to add some Facebook account-specific feature. So Yeah.


There were some inputs (2-3 iterations) which took 2-3 days and after that they took around 2 days to approve it :slight_smile: