Android build when a cordova plugin also has ext.postBuildExtras


My meteor app uses
cordova:phonegap-plugin-push 2.0.0
which has its own build-extras.gradle wherein ext.postBuildExtras is defined to apply GoogleServicesPlugin.
In the android build of the app there is
cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp which also has ext.postBuildExtras defined.

The problem is only the one (of the two) or the last set code for ext.postBuildExtras is executed with gradle build lines

// This can be defined within build-extras.gradle as:
// ext.postBuildExtras = { … code here … }
if (hasProperty(‘postBuildExtras’)) {

I want both these ext.postBuildExtras should execute.

There is

// Plugin gradle extensions can append to this to have code run at the end.
cdvPluginPostBuildExtras = []
which can be used for multiple postBuildExtras.

How do I make it possible that whenever an included plugin has ext.postBuildExtras defined it should be added to array cdvPluginPostBuildExtras ? Or should meteor android build should take care to handle it this way.