Android - cordova build no longer works


I had to change my laptop a few days ago after it crashed. Got a new one(macbook air) to borrow while the macbook pro is getting fixed. I tried running my app on android which i had no problem with before. The build completes and the server’s up but i don’t get any builds on my phone.

I’ve addes the android platform as well.
Ios works just as good as it did before i changed computer. Has anyone has similar problems?

Edit: i’ve tried building it on several devices and the simulator but nothing boots up. No errors returned tho and the server is running

Edit2: I’ve looked into my build file and the android-files are generated in the cordova folder.

You should enable verbose mode and check output for any error:

$ meteor run android --verbose

I’ll give that a go in the morning. Do you have any theories why this happened just because i switched computer?