Android Package issue

i am new in meteor , and facing issue with the mobile package.I have followed these steps for creating package

I have Added platform using this command
meteor add-platform android

for creating package I am using
meteor build ~/Desktop --server= --debug
the package is created successfully but when I was running app in my phone I saw this error

      VM162 webapp.js?hash=7d7982c…:62 Error: Error parsing asset manifest at VM36           webapp_local_server.js:36 at Object.callbackFromNative (VM28 cordova.js:293

Why don’t you start with running on device first so you can debug. Connect with Chrome (using chrome://inspect) and see what is going on.

meteor run android-device --settings settings.json

I need to deliver Android and iOS package to the client.
So for that mobile app and got error .
Am I using the wrong command to generate mobile package ?
Or is there anything else to do this task