Android Platform: Meteor.loginWithGoogle through hosted site

I have my Meteor app deployed and it’s accessible through a SSL secured domain (say, yet when I run it like this:

meteor run android-device

the call fails and there is no error being outputted. I can see the popup window and select my preferred user account. After selection it shows the sweetAlert.

Here is the straightforward code:

 Meteor.loginWithGoogle({}, function(error) {
      if (error) {
        sweetAlert("Google Auth Failed", error.reason, "error");
      } else {

Edit: I have to clarify that it works locally without
Edit2: I also configured the cordova plugin

App.configurePlugin("cordova-plugin-googleplus", {

Anyone who can help me? This is a high priority issue for me.

In your mobile-config.js file do you have something like so?


Did not solve the issue. Thanks for trying to help tho!

So I cloned GitHub - sujith3g/meteor-g-plus: Meteor google plus login example using hedcet:cordova-google-plus-native-sign-in and ran it. Same thing. The error displayed is “10”, but a console log of the error shows no object…