Android SDK not found EVEN with correct PATH

Hi All,

I have problem with installing Android Platform to Meteor Project. It keep complain about missing SDK. The attached is my setting screenshot. Is there anything else I miss out. I have another Mac Mini which have the exact same Android SDK Manager setting/packages and it has no problem installing Android Platform.

Please help fix this. Thanks.


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34 PM

This is a known issue with the latest Android Studio, which is not compatible with Meteor:

You have to install an older version of the Android tools manually to make it work. Quite annoying.

Thanks. Will try with older version of Android Studio. Hope can find one.

It is not necessary to downgrade Android Studio. Just install the SDK tools package. Version 25.2.5 worked on my Mac with the latest Android studio. And make sure that Android Studio doesn’t update this. The version mentioned in the Meteor docs (26.x) does not work, at least not with Meteor 1.5.