Android SDK support

Hello all:

I’m finding it real hard to determine which version of the Android SDK support Meteor 2.x.
The only thing I see (on is very general install instructions and specifically it mentions Meteor or later: Android SDK Tools v.25. 2 .x…But, does this mean Android SDK 25.2? Is that even supported by the Google Play store? What version of gradle? I’ve also read Android Studio seems to give trouble and use the command line tools. The documentation seems very out of date and it almost seems like support for Android is waning. Is that true?

Has anyone successfully launched meteor with the run android-device in their local dev env? If so, I would by very much appreciative if you can tell me:

  1. jdk version (i download latest for mac os x)
  2. android sdk version
  3. android sdk tools version
  4. gradle version

Thank you kindly.