Angular 1 subscription problem

Hi guys. I’ve been trying to solve this issue for a while now but cant find any solution to it.

  1. When resolving a subscription in a router everything works fine but subscription wont unsubscribe automatically when leaving scope. I also cannot inject designSubsc into constructor to be able to stop it manually designSubsc.stop()

       resolve: {
         designSubsc($q, $stateParams) {
           var deferred = $q.defer();
           var designId = $stateParams.designId;
           var userCompanyId = Meteor.user().company.companyId;
           const handle = Meteor.subscribe('designSingle', designId, userCompanyId, {
             onReady: () => deferred.resolve(handle),
             onStop: deferred.reject
           return deferred.promise;
  2. If I resolve in a component

     this.subscribe('designSingle', () => {
       return [

everything works as expected until I refresh the browser, then objects returned from this.helpers becomes undefined within a component and I cannot resolve my other queries.

  design()          { return Designs.findOne({ styleNumber: this.designId })},
  basesize()        { return SizeRange.find({ _id: }) }

basesize would throw an error after browser refresh. Does anyone had similar problem and maybe found a solution?


Must be a miracle, was trying to solve this for ages. Adding this.getReactively() to your this.helpers solves it all.