Angular 2 (Component) VS Meteor (Template)?


Hi, I’m newer in Angular 2 and Meteor.

I don’t know where I should put my HTML code.
I think that I have 2 options:
-> Inside tradicional HTML template file of a Angular 2 component
-> Inside the Meteor Template TAG

I don’t understand the difference between them.

Should I use the Meteor Template Tag inside the HTML file of Angular 2 Template (templateURL)?

What is the best way to work with Angular 2 and Meteor and how to keep my files organized?



Why would you want to put it inside Meteor template?
If you are going only Angular 2 without Blaze then Angular will take care of your templates.

If you are using both, I think this is an interesting resources to read (Blaze to Angular 2 migration) -


What you call ‘Meteor template’ is actually a frontend library called blaze originally developed by the Meteor Development Group, that is very different than Angular, which is another frontend library (there are also React and Vue amongs others).


do the main tutorial.


Thanks! Now I got it!