Angular 2 final release questions with meteor

Now that the Angular2 is no longer in beta I’m interested in learning it using meteor.

I have developed for the past 2 years in angular 1.x with meteor and would love to transition into angular2-meteor.

Does angular2-meteor contain the latest updates of the final release?
Should I do the Angular2-meteor tutorials now or should I wait?
What would the mayor differences be between angular1-meteor and angular2-meteor?
Any reason to move away from angular1 and transition to angular2(I know the performance speed has been significantly upgraded)?

I tried following Angular2-meteor tutorials last week and honestly I didn’t like it. I had many problems to set my initial environment because some parts of the tutorial wasn’t clear (At least for me). Also the examples are not yet all updated to final release.

So, to sum up, I’d wait a little more before going to Angular2-meteor.

Same here. The current tutorial needs the an overhaul. I really like A2 over React, yet it seems MDG is giving React all the love.

I am keen to use Angular2 on Meteor as well, we need to wait for a little bit more (we can always try and help because it is an OSS project :slight_smile: )

As far as I checked, everything except angular2-meteor-auto-bootstrap have been been updated to suit the angular 2.0.0 release. (The angular2-meteor 0.7.0 beta release). But the auto bootstrap package still lists angular2-meteor 0.6.0 as a peer dependecy. Anyway around this?
Also any updates on when socially will be updated? I believe it breaks when you use it for anything newer than RC5.
PS: I am beginner and please correct me If I am wrong. Thanks!

Hi everyone!
We are working on a big update for angular2-meteor now that Angular 2 has finally landed.

We are updating all the tutorials (including the Blaze migration tutorial), updating the API (adding support for RxJS) and merging the angular-meteor and angular2-meteor Github repos.

In the meantime please check the angular2-meteor@0.7.0-beta.3 version and check progress on the repo here:

I don’t want to give false estimations but I think that by the end of next week most of the tutorials will be public.


Hi @Urigo would it be alright to start the tutorial now? Or should we wait for the updated one?

Hi @Urigo , Any updates on this?

Hello everyone,
I’ve deployed a new version of the Socially 2.0 tutorial -

and of the Blaze to Angular 2.0 migration tutorial -

We are still in the process of updating the Whatsapp Clone tutorial.

Please send feedback on new Github issues and specify exactly which step are you on and in which tutorial.


Hi Urigo,

Thanks for quickly update, i watching this topic every hours :slight_smile: when running the Angular2 tutorials i’m still have the problem with angular2-compilers@0.6.1 in window 10 x64. I have to downgrade it to 0.6.0 to run the tutorials.

By the way, how could i get the user information (emails, profiles…) when i @InjectUser(‘user’) to the component? when i use console.log(this.user) on ngOnInit it printed ‘underfined’.

One more thing: i got this message on AppComponent “[ts] Experimental support for decorators is a feature that is subject to change in a feature release. Set the ‘ExperimentalDecorators’ option to remove this warning” what should i do?


Hi @javietanh,

I would recommend opening those issues on Stack Overflow or Github issues for better visibility and future findability…

About angular2-compilers please try the latest 0.6.2_1, we solved something there with publish-for-arch.
About InjectUser, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen those answers somewhere on an issue… look at the updated tutorial and open another issue if you can’t find it.

About the decorators, I believe that if you Google it you will find you need to define it in your tsconfig file and that your IDE will update accordingly.

Let me know how it goes

Hey @Urigo, Many thanks for the hard work to you and everyone involved in making this happen.

Would it be worth it to make this an announcement on the forums? I don’t think I saw a post dedicated to it.

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Yes, I plan to publish a blog post about that soon.
Also, I want to finish the WhatsApp clone tutorial first