Angular 5 + Meteor, future?



After really enjoying working with the Angular CLI (1.5.5) I moved back to Meteor and rebuild my Angular 1.6 app to Angular 5.

I combine it with the Material Design lib (which is done in SCSS).

First of all I found it a bit hard to figure out which packages to use, since I guess the special $meteor modules we used in Angular 1.6 are all but gone.

So, after going through some of the (outdated?) tutorials of whatsapp clones and ionic app I went for


At first this seems to work fine. I am getting Typescript compiler errors when I make mistakes so that’s all great.
Its just when I started combining SCSS and SASS I started to get annoying issues with for example not being able to find the import file. (I imported a SASS file into a SCSS file).
I would have loved to stick with SASS, but I created a custom theme with Angular Material and that is done in SCSS.
The current angular2-compiler doesn’t seem to mix SASS and SCSS very well.

After googling, I found that @urigo released a new angular-meteor package with should have an improved compiler. So I tried that but then I got all these typing errors from third party pacakges.

What I also find extremely annoying is that the SCSS that I include with my component is treated as blocks in the head, but any global SCSS is compiled by the SCSS compiler of Meteor. Importing seems to get a bit tricky because it almost looks like the are running in different scopes (I had to redeclare certain variables).

Anyway, long story short…it would be nice if the MDG team would find priority in creating an official smooth experience for Angular and Meteor, similar as Angular CLI.
I think we are almost there. Maybe there is already a package and example available, but I can’t find it.

Alternatively I would to move away from Meteor and use Angular CLI and a NodeJS server with Mongo and use RXJS for pushing information to the client.

However, I am very much impressed with the Collection/Subscription system with MiniMongo.

What are your thoughts?


Really awesome that the community is so active and helps out. Sad that this forum seems a bit the opposite?
Or nobody cares about Angular5 and Meteor?

Any way, good updated examples on:


what is angular???