Angular 5 + Meteor Reconnect Not Fetching New Data

Using Angular 5 and Meteor, I subscribe to data and expect to have the latest data at all times. Using Mongo/MiniMongo, say I am on a Job Overview Page where I am subscribed to 5-20 jobs. These jobs are being updated by numerous other users real time. While I sit on Job Overview Page, I lose connection of my internet. Once internet comes back online, DDP connection automatically is regained, but the subscriptions do not fetch the new data right away. So what happens is, I update a job with my current data (which is no longer current), and I end up losing data.

How can I force the subscriptions to send new data upon reconnecting? This is a major issue that I just ran into and could happen potentially on any page at any time. The whole reason for subscribing is to have reactive data and always be up to date. This is only true while maintaining connection, why does it not automatically send new data once you regain connection?