Angular-animate not working with angular-material



I noticed my animations of my sidebar where not working while using angular:angular-material package together with Angular-Meteor.

When I pasted in the CDN link in my head, it did work. Turned out the package is using version 1.4.4 which apparently is not compatible with the current version of angular material for Meteor (v0.10.1).
So forcing the version of angular-animate to 1.4.3 fixed the trick

In your package file




Hey mspi, I’m having the same issue with angular-meteor. Animations are not working. Did you happen to fix it?


Yeah, is i described i went to another version of animete. Just fix the
version in your package file.
I dont have the time to debug animate package right now and it will
probably be resolved with a newer version by the core team.


Thanks mspi! Didn’t know you could update the package to a lower version as easy as that.

I was using version 1.4.5 so it didn’t work either. Let’s see if it works with 1.4.6.



Well it works for me, so it should for you