Angular js tutorial

Hay there!!!

I’m hunting for new sites that provide clear Angular 2 explanations and that also provide some sample files. When I mean sample files I’m referring to a git repository that I can fork.
I have plenty experience working in AngularJS but I’m newbie when it comes to Angular 2.
I recently found this guide:

Angular 2 Series - Part 1: Working with Pipes

Angular 2 Series - Part 2: Domain Models and Dependency Injection…dels-and-dependency-injection/

Angular 2 Series - Part 3: Using Angular $Http and Angular 2 Http

I’ve Read, lots of 101 guides that have good content but don’t provide the files to actually practice what you are trying to learn. These Angular 2 Series have been very helpful, I hope they can be of help to you all as well!

Are you looking for Angular 2 + Meteor specific tutorials? If so, have you seen: