Angular-meteor Angular2 tutorial .zip and site don't match. Which is correct?


I’m following along with the tutorial with Meteor and Angular 2 ( and I must’ve screwed up along the way or their tutorial is incorrect (error to follow). I’ve
double checked my files and everything seems to match the tutorial. I’ve looked at the lines listed in the error and they seem to match the tutorial as well. When downloading the .zip files from the next step (which should look the same as what I’ve done up to this point), there are several differences. Which one is correct?

Here is the error:
Anyone know what causes this “one platform” error?

I was able to follow successfully until step 5:

application_ref.js:36Uncaught There can be only one platform. Destroy the previous one to create a new one.
createPlatform @ application_ref.js:36
MeteorApp.bootstrap @ meteor_app.js:22
bootstrap @ bootstrap.js:9 @ app.ts:22
fileEvaluate @ install.js:141
require @ install.js:75
(anonymous function) @ parties.ts:3


I’ve noticed that too. Urigo is doing a lot of revisions to the Angular2 tutorial, so we can either be patient while he gets it done or contribute and help out. I hope to have time soon to contribute more to it.


The error is not fatal, though it appears that way because nothing is displayed. If you add documents to the db they should appear… at least that’s what I found.


Yes I’m working on updating those .zip files, but in anyway, the tutorial itself is updated and if you want to get the code for each step you can grab it from the Github commits -

You can grab the zip file directly from Github


Agree they don’t match. However, the tutorial is correct. I went through all the steps successfully earlier this week.

I’ve uploaded a working copy of Step 05 here:


@stocksp For me, I have several items already in Mongo, and added one just to test, but still a blank page. Just putting this here in case anyone else has the same issue. I’m going to grab the latest from the link @cesargalindo and give it a try. Thanks for the responses guys.

**fixed by using @cesargalindo 's package. Thanks!