Angular Meteor as the middle man

Hi all,
please forgive me if this question bores you since it might sound noobish.

To explain what I need help with I will explain the full stack as I see it.

  1. HTTP API (JSON) to access data layer (no database access!)
  2. vert.x server ‘running’ Angular Meteor
  3. Meteor fetches/sets data in a reactive way (three way binding)
  4. Angular used for UI

The only thing I could not get more information on is how to actually wire up Meteor to use HTTP API for back-end data storage/retrieval.
If I understood it properly, I would need to somehow bind HTTP interface with MongoDb but I don’t see a way to do it.

It seems it is possible so please hint me with a forum post, some docs, etc.

P.S. I am aware that any third party change done over HTTP API will not be visible to Meteor (unless I deploy some additional polling scheme).


go to and doing the tutorial, this clears all your questions.

Meteor is only work with mongoDB reactive for REST api you can use directly angular ore make a http call with meteor see the docs or packages.


I do not understand the answer completely.
Are you saying it IS possible to do it or not?

If it IS, would that mean that MongoDB would have to be manually synced on server side via HTTP/REST?
So, when the app is first loaded, all data would have to be pulled from remote storage to mongoDb. The rest of the process (angular meteor) is pretty clear.

Thanks for the effort you put in the answer.

You could take a look at simple:rest for wring up a REST endpoint.

Thank you robfallows, but that’s not the answer to the question as I am not looking a way to expose MongoDb data through rest but something quite the opposite as my data is behind rest actually :smile:
Thanks for the effort.

So, you want to connect a Meteor app to a REST endpoint?

That’s straightforward using Meteor’s HTTP calls.