Angular-Meteor compatible with Angular 4?


Hi all,

I’ve been look for any updates but it seems that the core library has only been updated 4 months ago. I’m not sure if this project is still active I haven’t found any announcement yet.



Still no feedback from anyone from angular-meteor! I’m starting to assume this library is dead.

I’ve started a project in early 2017 and already having problems with dependencies.
Angular 4 came out a couple months ago and angular2-meteor isn’t updated for half a year! If this library can’t keep up with both Angular and Meteor releases, it’s a dud!

How can I know if this is still maintained?


I use angular-meteor with angular 4 without problems.

I am using the meteor-rxjs npm package together with angular2-compilers atmospherejs package.

What dependency issues do you encounter?


Found out the errors are not because of Angular 4… they show up as soon as I use @ionic-native/contacts.

Starts with:

modules.js:145339 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token import

apparently on a line that has:

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';                                                                            // 20

and then lots of errors like:

es5-shim.js?hash=4187fffd3f43294b6953a57a6a17c24fbf2af5d2:17 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'meteorInstall' of undefined
    at es5-shim.js?hash=4187fffd3f43294b6953a57a6a17c24fbf2af5d2:17
    at es5-shim.js?hash=4187fffd3f43294b6953a57a6a17c24fbf2af5d2:2793
(anonymous) @ es5-shim.js?hash=4187fffd3f43294b6953a57a6a17c24fbf2af5d2:17
(anonymous) @ es5-shim.js?hash=4187fffd3f43294b6953a57a6a17c24fbf2af5d2:2793

There’s no problems with the “old” ionic-native package.

Not sure if this is related to angular2-meteor, but it not being updated for half a year is concerning, IMO.


I, too am using angular-meteor with the latest release of Angular 4 without issue, but my use of Meteor calls on the client-side is quite minimal, as we’re primarily using Apollo GraphQL.


Hi, is there any reliable one guide how to setup meteor with angular 4+ from scratch???
Still can’t find…


Have you found an answer to this?


So far I have not found anything.