Angular-Meteor or React or Blaze



We starting a new project that is realy big.

Now we have diffrent viewpoints to the question witch frontend framework is the best to start a new project.
For mobile and web

Thats my thoughts about the stacks:

Meteor with Blaze:

I like the elegance and simplycity of blaze.
For mobile dev i think is this not the right choice, because the number of mobile frameworks is 0

Meteor with React:

This is not a option for me because i don’t like the thoughts to write my html code in the same file as with my js code.

Meteor with Angular:

I think this is a great solution for projects that moving from angular to blaze or is this also a good way to start a project from scratch.

Is this not to much and complex to work in a big project?
Is there a performance issue whe work with this solution?

From the Integration view with frameworks is this the right solution but im not sure is this the right solution for the future in big project?

Many thanks for all your thoughts and ideas

Next steps on Blaze and the view layer

You’re basically asking what our opinion is? because there’s no right answer.

I have projects in Blaze, and absolutely love it :smile:

That being said, I’m going for React in the future, given better Tracer-integration, as it isn’t working efficiently at the moment. I read a headline inhere the other day about Angular 2 having near-Blaze-like Tracker integration, which is great.

tldr; If you like Angular, go for it! :wink:


Thanks for your answer.

I have two questions about blaze:

Is blaze support in the near and the far future from MDG and the Community?
Witch mobile framework has a good blaze integration?

Is Angular better for fast and angile dev?



I basically know nothing about Angular development, so can’t help you there…

Blaze will be deprecated, but will work with Meteor in the future, and is currently working great. In terms of mobile, you can use cordova, but if mobile is important, I’d suggest React because of their React Native option, which is great.

This is my 2 cents on the subject, and not what everyone would tell you. :smile:


Thanks for your 2 cents :grinning:

Have a greate Christmas Time.

Ohter viewpoints are welcome


If you haven’t tried React before, I highly suggest giving it a shot. Most people have this same initial allergic reaction, but then understand the benefits after playing around with it a bit.


Yes. Try to loosen up your inner restrictions a bit.
Once you try it, I bet you’ll like it.


Ok i jump over my shadow and give react a chance.

When i reading this posts, you prefere react over angular 1 & 2 to work with meteor?



Meteor + React + Flux/Redux = amazing-land. Just my opinion of course. :smile:


Just to add a bit from the other opinions, I also hated JSX when I first saw it. However, once I started breaking the UI down into small bits the components model made sense.

If your component is only 10-20 lines long, having 2 files (or 3 with styles) is kind of a pain, and makes it hard to see what’s going on between the template and JavaScript.

Most people (including myself) will write the entire page in one JSX file and that causes a lot of problems with complexity. This post breaks down how to ‘think in components’:

If you’re interested in why React fans like React, this video explains the methodolgy of how it’s different than something like Handlebars or Blaze:


Thanks for all you reply, i like this forum very very much!!

thank you and i wish you beautyful christmas


Like selling pot in the 60’s :wink:


We have used Blaze in 3 projects and in our recent project - we are using React - we love it. It’s amazing. Had to spent some time to learn it, but it’s of worth.


All the good things people are saying about React are there in Angular 2 and a little bit more.

So I don’t understand why people aren’t shouting about it.

In other words, what does React have over Angular 2 ? forget about Angular 1.


Hello there,

I’m fond of Meteor + Angular2, Urigo is making a really great work and an amazing tutorial there

Angular2 is still in beta but according to the team
Beta means we’re now confident that most developers can be successful building large applications using Angular 2

Whatever you choose, have fun ! :smile:


I like the Meteor/Angular2 work Urigo has done too. The tutorial is good. I seem to be having many problems with caching when I load template files in an Angular component. I have to blow away the browser cache to see changes. Other than that it is working well.


I don’t know about React and I never used it, neither used angular. I read some articles comparing React to Angular 2.
I like that React talk more javascript than Angular and it make sense to someone who know javascript to use his strength and build on it by time to reach a better quality work than distracting himself learning new language every some months…


I’ve been working with a lot of teams recently, some Angular2 and some React. What I see is the React teams seem to whip things together pretty quick but lack the kind of discipline needed for large scale development. I’m not saying it’s impossible but I get the sense the Angular2/Typescript mindset lends itself to more disciplined programming practices. So I see both having a lot of benefits but I’m more about maintainability in large teams and I find Angular has been more productive in the teams I have been working in. If I had something where speed of development or pure UI speed on the Web mattered most I’d probably lean React but they are both pretty good.


Do you think that this is because Angular is 6+ years old and has many experts who know how to use the best of it whereas ReactJs is only ~ 2 years old? If React JS within two years was able to become comparable to a framework that is 6 years old then this is already a big accomplishment. I imagine what React will be after more four years.


No I think React was developed with a different purpose and focus.