Angular-Meteor tutorial request (Meteor 1.5)

I have a project created with Angular2 and Meteor and I’m hoping to utilise the latest packages for these but since I’m just a hobbyist I find it quite daunting knowing whether it’s safe to update packages and then having to bug fix. Ideally I would like to be using Angular4 and Meteor 1.5.

Are there plans to release a new tutorial with Meteor 1.5 and angular? The Socially tutorial has been outdated for a long time and the WhatsApp tutorial is so heavily based around Ionic it almost confuses things further for someone just trying to get to grips with angular and Meteor.

100% agree with you. Hopefully we can get it with Angular4!

@Urigo is there any plan for this? Or some boilerplate code to get started?

what is angular???

Not sure if that’s a serious question but -