Angular or Blaze? What's the cons and pros?


The tutorials suggest using Angular, React or Blaze.
But it doesn’t say what’s the consideration to choose either one.
Is it only the developers’ past experience?
Or are there concrete pros and cons for each choice?

After the discussion here, it might be useful to add a short summary in the tutorial page itself.

I’m using Blaze, just for its simplicity. But I will definitely go forward with React, once I have the time to refactor my app, since this seems to be the future of Meteor and has a wide adoption in the JS community. If you use Blaze intensely, like I do, it’s quite hard to avoid that your code turns into spaghetti code, with lots of invisible interdependencies. Due to its stricter approach regarding encapsulation and data flow, React is much more clear. For me, Angular is not an option, since it is way too complicated / over-sophisticated. You always wonder, why the heck did they do it this way instead of keeping things simple?!