Angular2 and atmosphere: How to use jquery atmosphere package

Hi Guys, I’m just new in meteorjs development and I need some help about how to properly initialize the jquery package from atmospherejs.

I know that we will just import the jquery package if from npm. But I’m curious how to use the jquery from atmosphere, I already installed jquery using meteor add jquery but when I try to use inside the component I got an error client/imports/app/dashboard/main/main.component.ts (19, 19): Cannot find name ‘$’.
But it works when I log the ‘$’.

So my question is how to properly use the jquery from atmosphere inside a component?

Here’s the code:

import { Component, OnInit,TemplateRef } from "@angular/core";
import { Demo } from "../../../../../both/models/demo.model";
import template from "./main.component.html";

  selector: "dashboard",
export class MainComponent implements OnInit {

  constructor() {


    ngOnInit() {

Hi Guys,

Need help here. Thanks.

I’m still getting errors in console.log