Angular2 & Meteor Mongo Query Call

I currently have a db called acourses that consists of its ._id, semesterId, courseId, and userId. I would like to query the course information based off the courseId in acourses. Essentialy I would want to get the course name. Only problem is, I don’t know how to build a query within a query within the HTML. Do I need to make an onload function?

<tr *ngFor="let record of acourses | async;">
            <!-- *ngIf record.semesterID in acourses === this.semester._id then
            *ngFor query all the courses with this.semester & this.user and 
            query all that course info in that course record -->
            <td><span class="badge badge-default" style="vertical-align: text-top;">{{record.userID}}</span>&nbsp;{{}}</td>
            <td>Edwards <span class="fa fa-close text-danger float-right remove" style="padding-top: 2px;" title="Delete Class" (click)="removeCourse(record)"></span></td>