Angular2 Minimongo Standalone?

Hi everyone,

I would like to use the minimongo package that is available inside the official angular2-meteor made by @Urigo inside my normal Angular2 app.
From what I understand, this minimongo is wrapped inside RxJS to make it observable and to make it work with Angular2.
I didn’t find it on NPM and I don’t know how to extract it from the angular-meteor package.

Is there a way to use it outside of angular-meteor ?

My use case (example):

  • http GET /todos
  • minimongo.collection('todos).upsert(todosInResponse)
  • then the UI component will automatically update by observing minimongo.collection(‘todos’).find();


Anyone please ?
Is the minimongo available on NPM the same as the one bundled with angular2-meteor ?

I found an NPM package that can be integrated in any client-side framework to access meteor functionalities (including reactive minimongo):

Here’s a project using it with Ionic2:

But I just noticed that the reactivity in angular2-meteor is not made using RxJS observables, but still with Tracker. So where are all the performance optimizations ? Angular2-meteor is almost the same as a normal Angular2 app with the package I found on top.

Your answer is exactly what I wanted to point out.
Soon we will have this repository as a tutorial on the website.

About optimizations, we are now working on changing the integration to use RxJS and then it will be available on both npm and Meteor.

I will update on this matter soon but if you want to help you can always contact me directly

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